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Johny Georges
Last Updated: 8 months ago

Hey there,

Thanks for choosing TimeRepo and welcome aboard!

This guide was designed to help you get and up and running with TimeRepo quickly and easily.

Let's get started.

Configure Account Preferences

First things first, in order to get your account configured, you will need to log-in as owner.

After you've logged in, we can start configuring your account preferences.

Go ahead and navigate to the Manage Account tab and select Account Preferences.

Admin Menu > Account Preferences

In the Account Preferences view,  you will see quite a few options that have been preconfigured for you. You are free to customize the preferences in a way that best suites your organizations needs and you are free to change them at any point in time afterwards.

Once you're happy with how you've configured your account preferences, we can move on to the more custom features of TimeRepo, creating projects and targets.

Creating Projects & Targets

Tracking what work takes place and for how long is the biggest feature of TimeRepo and it relies heavily on projects and targets.

Projects and targets are what your colleagues will reference when reporting their hours and what you can leverage when generating custom reports.

Let's navigate to the Manage Account tab and select Manage Projects.

Admin Menu > Projects


Now that you're on the Manage Projects page, let's quickly go over how projects and targets should be used.

To start, the idea of projects and targets originated from an idea we call 2-level reporting.

When an employee is reporting their hours, we believe there is value in reporting hours that reference 2 levels of work.

For example, if an employee is working on a company product, it is useful to know the number of hours an employee has spent working on the product as well as the number of hours spent working on the different components for that product.

That being said, some companies have other preferences regarding what they want to track and 2-level reporting might be overkill. If you believe that to be the case for your company, you can still use projects and targets to track more simple types of work by creating a project with a single target whose name is set to wildcard (*). That way, when employees report their hours, they select the project and the wildcard (*) target which represents all work related to that project.

Note: We recommend you take a look at the examples we provide on the Manage Projects page to get a better idea of how you should setup your projects and targets for your company.

Create Your First Project

When you're ready to create your first project, go ahead and click on Add Project.

Enter a name for your project and add at least 1 target. You can add as many targets as you like.

After you created your first project, you have the option to edit the name of your project and targets. You also have the ability to deprecate an entire project or some targets if the situation arises where you don't want your colleagues to reference them when reporting their hours anymore.


And that's all there is to it. You are now ready to invite your colleagues to TimeRepo to start tracking and recording hours.

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