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Currently, there are 32 Permissions, where 8 of them are user-specific and 24 are organization specific.

Types Of Permissions

Organization Specific
Organization-specific permission is a permission that applies to the whole organization. An example of organization-specific permission is Manage Preferences.

User Specific
User-specific permission is a permission that can be configured to apply to a subset of users within an organization. An example of user-specific permission is Audit Timesheets.



Account owners have special permission which grants them access to every resource and feature within TimeRepo.


List of Permissions

Default (org. specific)
Access to the default set of features, like reporting timesheets, declaring absences and requesting time off


Read Users (org. specific)
Access to the Employee Directory and Employee Overviews

Read Timesheets (user-specific)
View employees timesheets via Employee Overview (requires 'Read Users' permission) 

Read Declared Absences (user-specific)
Review an employee's declared absences 

Read Time Off Requests (user-specific)
View an employee's time-off requests 


Administrate Teams (org. specific)
Create, edit & delete your own teams

Read Teams (org. specific)
Access to the Team Directory 


Administrate Roles (org. specific)
Create, edit, delete & assign roles

Audit Timesheets (user-specific)
Approve or reject a timesheet and review timesheet status history

Authorize Time Off Requests (user-specific)
View and approve or reject an employee's time-off requests

Attendance Calendar (org. specific)
Access to attendance calendar 

Timesheet Explorer (org. specific)
Access to the Timesheet Explorer 

Change User Roles (org. specific)
Assign a role to employees. Grants access to Employee Directory 

Manage Absence Types (org. specific)
Create, edit and deprecate absence types for declaring/recording absences 

Manage Break Types (org. specific)
Create, edit and deprecate break types used for tracking/recording breaks 

Manage Temporary Leave Types (org. specific)
Create, edit and deprecate break types used for tracking/recording temporary leave

Manage Preferences (org. specific)
Manage account preferences 

Manage Projects (org. specific)
Create, edit and deprecate projects 

Manage Employee Timesheet Settings (user-specific)
Manage a list of employees timesheet settings 

Manage Temporary Leave Records (org. specific)
Create, read, edit and delete temporary leave records

Read Temporary Leave Records (org. specific)
Read access to temporary leave records 


Read Billing Info (org. specific)
View your account's billing info

Read Invoices (org. specific)
View your account's invoices 

Read Subscription Info (org. specific)
View your account's subscription details

Read Upcoming Invoice (org. specific)
View your account's upcoming invoice 

Update Billing Info (org. specific)
Edit or replace existing billing info 

Update Subscription (org. specific)
Grant the ability to cancel your account's subscription 


Invite Users (org. specific)
Invite users to your account 

Delete User (org. specific)
Delete users from your account 

Read Account Info (org. specific)
View your account info 


Absence Email Notification (user-specific)
Receive an email notification when an employee declares or revokes an absence 

Time Off Requests Email Notification (user-specific)
user-specificReceive an email notification when an employee requests time off

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