Preset Records

Johny Georges
Last Updated: 8 months ago

The preset records feature was designed to help reduce repetitive tasks within the timesheet reporting process.

Preset records are available to all employees. There is no specific permission that is related to preset records.

What Is A Preset Record

A preset record is similar to a normal timesheet record except that it does not apply to any specific date. In other words, preset records are created exactly the same way normal timesheet records are with the exception of a specific date.

How Preset Records Work

The best way to describe how preset records work is with an example.

Suppose we spend 2 hours every Monday of every week performing a certain task that we are required to report in our timesheets. Knowing this, we create a preset record that represents the 2 hours of work that we perform every Monday. When it comes time to fill in our timesheet, we can navigate to the preset records tab, locate our preset record and hit the + button to insert the record for Monday, saving us the time of having to create the timesheet record for the umpteenth time.

Create A Preset Record

Navigate to, Report Timesheets and select any timesheet. Scroll down to the Record Presets tab and open it. From there, click on Create Preset.

Apply A Preset Record

Applying a preset record is very straightforward.

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