Time Off Requests Overview

Johny Georges
Last Updated: 8 months ago

Time off requests enable organizations to have a formal process for employees to request time off.

A time off request has 2 main components, a list of selected dates and a status.

A selected date has 3 properties,
- Paid/Unpaid (e.g. Paid Vacation)
- Date (e.g. Mon Nov. 25, 2019)
- Time Interval (e.g. 9am-5pm)

The reason for the time interval is so that employee's have the option to be more specific with when they want to take their time-off.

For example, Bill who works a 9-5 job wants to take Friday afternoon off so his time off request will be <Date> 12:00PM - 5:00PM. 

The status of a time off request has 4 possible states,
- Submitted (Employee creates a time off request)
- Approved (Manager approves)
- Rejected (Manager rejects for a reason)
- Canceled (Employee cancels for a reason)

When a time off request is approved, timesheet records will be created for each of the selected dates to save the employee from manually having to enter them once they are approved.

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