Timesheet Explorer Overview

Johny Georges
Last Updated: 8 months ago

The Timesheet Explorer is a tool we built to compliment the timesheet reporting process. Its purpose is to help aggregate recorded hours in a format that is clear and easy to understand.

With regards to aggregating recorded hours, there are 3 different report formats that are currently supported.

Employees VS Targets

Employees VS Targets is a format that aggregates recorded hours by target for each employee.

- Employees / Targets


Employees VS Periods

Employees VS Periods aggregates recorded hours by period for each employee. A period in this case is meant to represent a fixed interval of time repeated over a specified date range.

- Employees / Years
- Employees / Months
- Employees / Semi-Months
- Employees / ISO Weeks
- Employees / Weeks
- Employees / Days


Periods VS Targets

Periods VS Targets is the most comprehensive report format. It aggregates recorded hours by target for periods over a specified date range for each employee.

- Years / Targets
- Months / Targets
- Semi-Months / Targets
- ISO Weeks / Targets
- Weeks / Targets
- Days / Targets


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